Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Do-It-Yourself Herbal Medicine: Home-Crafted Remedies for Health and Beauty Book Review

I have always been pretty intrigued by herbal medicine and their endless benefits, but especially since it’s something that I can do myself. I found the book to be very organized and written well, without overwhelming the reader with all the information; it is neatly organized into chapters that make sense. I found that there are many recipes for facial scrubs, toners and even a facial for acne prone skin, which we have a lot of in this family, unfortunately. 

Flipping through the book is very interesting, as there are many remedies listed for problems that could be embarrassing to ask others. The book provides herbal baths and other helpful methods to remedy whatever ailment you have. Good or bad.

 The recipe listed below is for Geranium-Honey Hair Repair and is good for one single treatment on your hair. It is super simple to make and it really works to strengthen your hair and make it beautiful in between cuts at the salon! I'll admit though, I did not have any geranium essential oil on hand, but I bet it could be substituted with another essential oil of your choosing.

 I would highly recommend this book to everyone looking for herbal remedies they can do at home!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.