Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mario Olives--Herb & Spice Seasoned

I love olives, and I love getting things to try for free. Recently I was picked to sample Mario Olives and I must say that I absolutely LOVED my sample of Herb & Spice seasoned Mario Olives!! I shared a couple with hubs, but ate the rest. I wish the sample was bigger, because I wanted more!

 When they arrived they were warm, but I tried one, and they had too soft of a texture and I almost spit them out. So, they went in the refrigerator (ugh, impatiently waiting) to cool down. Once they were chilled we LOVED them! The olive was nice and firm when bitten into, and had such a nice robust herb flavor. I also liked the fact that they came in a sturdy pouch, that tears open easy. Mario Olives would be great as a snack on the go, or even added to a salad. I will be buying more of these olives for sure. YUM!!
I recommend Mario Olives to any olive lover like myself, you can not go wrong with these! 

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